I Suck as an Author

Yes, after much introspection, soul-searching, and a brief argument with a Magic 8-ball, I have come to a painfully obvious conclusion: I suck as an author. Oh, not as a writer. As a writer, I consider myself to be fairly decent, if a bit slow. I’m no Hemingway or Tolkien, of course, but my Jaben’s … Continue reading I Suck as an Author


He Interjected, She Exclaimed

Or He Said, She Said Let's take a look at dialogue. In particular, the use of the word “said” vs. other alternatives. Deciding which way to go can be confusing. Basically, there are two ends of the spectrum on this issue: School A says: Avoid overuse of the word “said.” Vary the text up using … Continue reading He Interjected, She Exclaimed

They Said WHAT About My Book?

I once came across an author/reviewer “disagreement” over the reviewer’s assessment of the author’s book. It appeared the author did not agree with the reviewer’s comments about the book, and decided to post on the reviewer’s website her opinion of his review. What followed was an epic thread that quickly went viral (in reading and … Continue reading They Said WHAT About My Book?

It’s Not a Competition. Is It?

One of the things I do throughout my day is try to figure out what I’m going to write about next. Not necessarily in my books, but in this blog. I don’t want this to just become another “how-to” blog on writing (especially when there are so many excellent blogs on writing already out there), … Continue reading It’s Not a Competition. Is It?

Sometimes a Pencil is Just a Pencil

I recently finished a science fiction book that made me feel like I was wading through a hip-deep swamp of adjectives and adverbs. It was really unfortunate, because the excessive (and repetitive) use of descriptive words and phrases completely overwhelmed what was actually a rather interesting premise. I forged through just to see where the … Continue reading Sometimes a Pencil is Just a Pencil