New Release!!

RedemptionsEdgeKindleThere’s a new literary bird in the wild! This past weekend, I released Redemption’s Edge, another fantasy novel, unrelated to the Far Land Trilogy.

Here is the back cover blurb:

The most unrelenting evil of all is the one which believes itself good.

An unintended evil stalks the land, gathering countless victims to itself as it extends its reach; an evil born of the noblest intentions gone horribly awry. After it claims his only remaining family, young Kelwyn vows to track it down and end it, no matter the personal cost. With little more than hope and a promise, he sets out on a journey whose end lies shrouded in uncertainty. He knows he cannot win, but he will not, cannot stop. Before his journey is over, he will discover places he’s only heard of from rumor and legend, and face terrors from the past he once thought long gone. From mountain holds to arid deserts, his vow drives him inexorably toward the final confrontation to save his family.

But in the end, will the cost be too high?

The story follows Kelwyn’s travels as he works to attain the skills and knowledge he needs to rescue his loved ones. It bows in at just over 70K words, so it’s a little shorter than any of the Far Land Trilogy books, but I hope you will still find it an enjoyable read. If swords and sorcery (especially swords) are your thing, you will enjoy this ride.

And special thanks to MiblArt, who did such a superb job on the cover.

It is available for both Kindle and paperback through Amazon.

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