The Races of Teleria

Teleria is home to numerous races other than humans, most of which came about as a result of the protophasic technology used in the last world war, the Devastation. Their progenitors were created either as a side effect of the technology or came to Teleria through a rift from another world. This list contains only the most prominent of the sentient races.

Ally, Neutral, or Enemy indicates their general stance toward the Circle.


Dokal (Ally)

The first Dokal came to Teleria through one of the rifts created during the Devastation. The rift subsequently collapsed, leaving the small exploratory band trapped and unable to return home. Although a warrior race, they are also very introspective and thoughtful. After learning of the Loremasters and their quest to preserve and restore knowledge, they became allies of the Circle. The first saiken to begin working on creating portals to other worlds did so primarily in an attempt to aid the Dokal in their desire to return home.

Over the centuries, their numbers have grown, although they are still outnumbered by most of the other races. What they lack in numbers, however, they make up for in size. The average Dokal stands three heads taller than a human and the smallest weighs twice as much. Their skin is extremely thick and plate-like, serving as a natural armor. Their weapons of choice are battle axes, maces, and clubs, wielded by both male and female in battle. As Far Planers, they do not possess any dimsai ability.

The Dokal mentality is part warrior, part philosopher. Belying their daunting appearance, the typical Dokal has an excellent sense of humor and a quick wit when they choose to display it. Their leadership is determined by mutual debate and discussion and it can sometimes take them months to come to a consensus. The leaders rule until they either step down from their position or die due to battle wounds or old age.


F’aar (Ally)

This amphibious race is also alien to Teleria. During the Devastation, a rift opened up to their watery home world, dragging an entire F’aar village through. When the rift closed, they were unable to return. The F’aar are the only non-Telerian race where any member can use dimsai, similar to the humans of Teleria.

Generally human looking, their amphibious nature is clear due to the gills on the sides of their necks, slightly webbed hands and feet, and horizontally slit pupils in their eyes. They also possess an inner eyelid that allows them to see clearly when they are underwater.

As a rule, they are a pacifistic people, and it is very difficult to upset their natural composure. Threaten something dear to them, however, and their warriors, generally female, can be fearsome opponents. Their weapons of choice are poison-tipped spears and daggers.


Ferrin (Ally)

The Ferrin are a cat-like race of people. They appear to be mostly human, with their only feline features being slightly pointed ears set high on the sides of their heads, slitted pupils in their typically yellow or green eyes, and retractable claws in their fingers.

They are an easy-going race who can usually find some humor in almost any situation, even in combat, where they are masters of lethal grace and precision, employing acrobatic jumps, flips, and diving rolls in their repertoire of skills. As a rule, they disdain any form of weapons in favor of their razor-sharp claws. They also rarely wear armor other than metal bands on their wrists and ankles, as the armor interferes with their naturally fluid movement. They are one of only two hybrid races to have full use of dimsai, the other being the Grithor.

Ferrin warriors are generally male, although unmated females will often also take part in battle. Ferrin leaders can be male or female, with leadership determined by weaponless challenge combat. Leaders, past and present, are usually marked by multiple scars on their head, faces, and bodies. Leadership can only be challenged once per year. When multiple candidates are vying for leadership, various contests of skill will narrow the field to two candidates who will then battle for the position.


Grithor (Enemy)

The Grithor are very sensitive to light, having small, weak eyes, and have become an underground dwelling race, only coming to the surface at night or in emergency. Although pound for pound stronger, they are shorter than humans, with squat legs and muscular bodies. Their hands are slabs with stubby fingers and powerful claws. Due to their weak eyesight, they have developed extremely acute senses of smell and hearing. Along with the Ferrin, they are one of only two hybrid races to have full use of dimsai.

They live in warrens underneath the Scorched Plains and further south and west in Barrenrock. Living underground, they are usually covered in a layer of dirt and grime, rarely bothering to clean themselves. Their build makes them very efficient excavators, and their preferred method of attack is to hollow out the ground beneath an enemy until the ground collapses underneath them. Any attacker that manages to make it into their tunnel system is met with swords, maces, and dimsai from their saiken. Although unrivaled in their stonelore, their overall intelligence is slightly below average in all other areas.

Leadership belongs to whichever Grithor can intimidate the others the most, either by combat or threats.


Manarach (Enemy)

Artwork by Sarah Starks of Sarah Starks Designs

The Manarach species are human/spider hybrids, with human torsos, arms, and heads on hairy, pony-sized spider bodies. They are a predator species and consider any living creature as prey, unworthy of their respect or consideration. They are very reclusive, living in the foothills of the Cauldron Mountains southwest of Barrenrock, and few who venture into their land have ever returned. Manarachs are intelligent and extremely territorial of any place they consider theirs.


From the waist up, they are human looking except for two large black orbs where the human eyes would be, and six smaller orbs circling the rest of the head. They also have two hand-length fangs, which hide within folds of skin on the neck underneath their human chins. They do not possess any dimsai ability.

Manarachs are a matriarchal society, with females being dominant. Leadership is determined by battle, with the loser often slain. Their preferred weapons are their fangs and spears. They also use their trapsilk to ensnare foes and potential meals, which are synonymous to the creatures.


Rodinn (Ally)

The Rodinn are one of the smaller races of Teleria. They are a naturally polite people, and can be somewhat timid around those they do not know. Unable to use more than the basic dimsai, they are very good with their hands and often become skilled craftsmen. Although generally human looking, their hair never grows more than a thumbs-length long, and their eyes, nose, and ears are smaller than the typical human. They stand approximately the height of an average human’s shoulder and are very quick and nimble. Other than becoming craftsmen, they often fill the roles of courier and voluntary domestic servants.

The Rodinn accept the leadership of wherever they may happen to reside. The oldest lucid resident of a Rodinn village will generally serve as the Elder of the village unless he or she chooses to decline leadership.


Shanthi (Neutral)

The Shanthi are a secretive people with the ability to change the color of their skin to match their surroundings, even down to matching patterns of leaves and walls. With proper training, they can learn to use the minimal dimsai available to their race to make themselves completely invisible. They are human in appearance, though their eyes are slightly larger than a human’s. Their fingers and toes can extend when necessary, revealing sucker-like structures underneath the knuckles which allow them to climb and cling to walls and ceilings. Although the distance varies by individual, the Shanthi are also able to detect when others of their race are nearby.

The Shanthi do not interact with other races on a regular basis, particularly avoiding humans. In generations past, this was not the case, but some Shanthi started using their abilities as thieves, mercenaries, and assassins, selling their services to whomever had the coin to retain them. This reflected poorly on the entire race, even though those doing such things, called rishna kel by the majority of their people, represented only a small fraction of the race as a whole. As a result, the Shanthi have developed an extremely high sense of honor and loyalty to each other and any whom they grant the rare privilege of friendship. They can be easily offended if a remark is perceived as a slur or a question of their honor. Physical touch from anyone they do not know is unwelcome and can trigger retaliation depending upon the setting and intent of the other person.

Although they generally distrust humans, some find the Circle’s intentions and practices acceptable and do not harbor such feelings toward the Loremasters or those humans living at Lore’s Haven. In battle, the Shanthi males and females fight side by side. Their weapons of choice are the long dagger and bow.

The Shanthi live in multiple clans, with each clan having its own leader, and all of the clan leaders forming a Clan Council. The Council will select a Shani tu Rish, or Shanthi of Honor, who will lead the Council, and by extension, all of the Shanthi. When a clan leader dies, the leaderless clan will send three candidates to the Council, from which one is selected by the Council to serve as the new leader of that clan. New Shani tu Rish are also selected or reappointed each time a new clan leader is chosen.


Trellin (Enemy)

The Trellin are a belligerent, lizard-like race, having scaly skin, usually mottled dark green and brown. Like human fingerprints, no two Trellin will ever share the same coloration pattern on their skin. Physically, they can best be described as resembling one of Earth’s Komodo Dragons if the dragon were to stand upright, lose its tail, and take on more humanoid proportions. Although very strong, they do not possess great speed or intellect. Like their lizard cousins, they are cold-blooded, which restricts them to the warmer climates of Teleria.

Trellin weaponry consists of jagged, double-bladed shortswords, and thin black daggers called bloodfangs. The bloodfangs are hollow and filled with a virulent poison. A tiny hole in the tip of the dagger slowly releases the poison into the Trellin’s victim. Although very durable while dry, once embedded in flesh, the blade material immediately begins to degrade. If it is left in the flesh for longer than a few moments, it will break off if pulled, releasing all of the poison at once.

Due to their adversarial nature toward other creatures, even those of their own kind, they rarely function well in groups larger than five, and even then only if one of the group is clearly dominant. There is no organized leadership in what passes for Trellin society. The leader of any particular group is the largest and/or strongest of the group, regardless whether they are male or female.


Yellowtooth (Neutral)

The Yellowtooth are a blend of canine and human. Surly, although not outright aggressive, they are generally human looking with short snouts, a thin layer of fur coating their bodies and short, black, fixed claws on their fingers and toes. They stand about the same height as a human, and have stocky, muscular builds, rendering them stronger and faster than the typical human. Their society runs the gamut from soldier to scholar, but they have no dimsai ability.

Yellowtooth warriors lean toward the males, although in a battle, the female of the species will be well represented also. The preferred weapons of the Yellowtooth are swords and maces.

While never coming to open hostilities, tension exists between the Yellowtooth and the Ferrin. It’s not uncommon for a Yellowtooth to leave a room when a Ferrin walks in. The Ferrin find this rather amusing and will even go out of their way to irritate a Yellowtooth, stopping just short of the point where the Yellowtooth might lose control.

Female Yellowtooth occupy the leadership positions, which are chosen by hand to hand combat, in much the same way as the Ferrin.