Casting Call

So, just for fun, I like to imagine who I would cast in a movie adaptation of the Far Land Trilogy. I thought I’d share my imaginary list with you here. My choices are based upon past roles they’ve played, character mannerisms and attitudes of the characters in some of the roles, interviews I’ve seen … Continue reading Casting Call

In Progress

Here's a taste of my current work in progress. Potential titles are "Belaeryn" or "Three-Blood Prince." It's an urban fantasy involving primarily Celtic mythology and the Fae Courts. This is Chapter One. Let me know if it catches your attention. J.D. pulled his hood tighter around his face, trying to protect his cheeks from the … Continue reading In Progress

Check and Mate

If you have Netflix, but haven’t yet watched their brilliant limited (7 episodes) series, The Queen’s Gambit, may I humbly suggest you set aside some time to watch this wonderful show. Don’t be fooled by the splash screen or the title into thinking this is just another show about chess. Although the strategy game provides … Continue reading Check and Mate