An interview with Author G. David Walker

Interviews are where I talk about myself more than I ever would in person. 😉

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G. David Walker

G. David Walker was unexpectedly born in Ulysses, Kansas on a bright, sunny morning in July of 1963, the youngest of four brothers and one sister. As the internet had not yet been invented when David was a young man, he instead devoured any science fiction or fantasy book that he could get his hands on, dreaming of different worlds, fantastical creatures and strange, alien beings. As an adult, he decided to forge into the realms he had only read about, creating his own worlds to explore.

He currently lives in southwest Missouri. For more information, visit his blog, Chasing Dragons in the Ozarks, at

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Hm, that’s not as easy a question as it looks. I don’t think about myself all that often, but I’ll give it a shot. Five words, let’s see… Homebody, analytical, casual, observer, empathetic

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