From an undisclosed source who prefers to remain anonymous: author3

G. David Walker was unexpectedly born in the summer of 1963, the obvious result of alien visitation, as his mother had been told she was unable to have any more children a decade prior to his arrival. This conclusion was only reinforced by David’s obsession with Star Trek and The Monkees, nights spent staring at the stars overhead, and uncountable hours reading science fiction and fantasy while other children were outside playing tag and running into trees.

Actually, it was David who ran into the tree, but that’s another story—although it could explain a number of things, come to think of it.

Fortunately, David outgrew these tendencies…

Well, no. No, he didn’t

He is still obsessed with Star Trek—and Star Gate, Star Wars, Jefferson Starship, star fruit, Dancing with the Stars, wait, what? Scratch those last two—still enjoys staring into the night sky, and still reads science fiction and fantasy books and stories at every opportunity. Happily, we can report that there have been no reported incidents of him running into any trees lately—at least none that we’re aware of.   <– Yes, we know that’s improper, ending a sentence with a preposition. Let it go.

Oh fine. None of which we’re aware. Happy?

When he’s not trying to avoid trees at his southwest Missouri home, David writes fantasy and science fiction novels and stories, some of which may or may not be based upon odd memories…err…thoughts that pop up at irregular intervals throughout his day.

David is a member of:

If you’d like to know more, take a look at this page, or feel free to drop him a line via the contact form.

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