Resources for Writers

Here are a few links you may find helpful.


Some other good books on the craft of writing:




SELF-PUBLISHING (If you’re so inclined.)

  • CreateSpace – Amazon’s print on demand service. Link removed. This has been merged into KDP (see below).
  • Ingram Spark – A division of Lightning Source for self-publishing
  • KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) – Kindle e-book publishing
  • Smashwords – E-book publishing for everywhere except Amazon

Thinking about writing for stage or screen? Check out this site, and thank you, Megan, for your suggestion!

  • TheaterSeatStore – A nice article with plenty of additional links to help you.

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS (Work smarter, not harder.)

  • A Freelancer’s Guide to Taxes and Business – A page with numerous links to help you handle the business side of things if you go the freelance route. Thanks to Delia for suggesting this page.
  • If you’re planning on being an author, you’ll need a website. Here’s a quick overview of ten different website builders.
    10 Best Website Builders for 2019
    Thanks, John, for the suggestion!
  • If you’re a little hesitant about setting up your first website, perhaps How to Create a Website can help.
    Thank you, Deb, for this suggestion!
  • Money-Saving Guide for Authors and Writers – Another page with a lot of good links, including educational information for writers, scholarship opportunities for those working toward a degree in the literary arts, career options, and a whole lot more!
    Thanks so much, Marisa, for this great suggestion!

OFF THE BEATEN PATH – Looking for some story ideas? These forums might jog the noggin’ a bit.


  • Internet Research Resources for Science Fiction Writers – If you write hard scifi, which requires more grounding in our current understanding of physics, you’ll need to be more realistic in the terminology and explanations you use. This page might help you find the info you need.

If you have any other books, websites, or blogs that have been especially helpful or informative in your writing, please let me know so I can include them here. And if any of these links no longer work, please drop me a line.

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