Books by G. David Walker

Three Blood Prince – Kindle

J.D. Williams’ parents have kept a secret from him and his big sister, Megan, for their entire lives. Now, that secret might just get J.D. killed.
The arrival of a strange girl at his school sets J.D. on a journey which will completely change the course of his life as well as that of his sister. Together, they discover that none of the closest people in their lives, from their parents to J.D.’s best friend, are who they thought they were. Which means neither are J.D. and Megan.
J.D. becomes the target of a dark Fae who believes his blood contains the key to ultimate power. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, sending bloodthirsty creatures of nightmares and legends in pursuit of him and his family, from their home in the Ozarks to the shores of northern Scotland.
With teeth and claws potentially lurking in every shadow, the Williams need any allies they can find to keep J.D. safe from the malevolent creatures hunting him and stop their dark mistress forever.

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Redemption’s Edge – Kindle

Redemption's Edge

The most unrelenting evil of all is the one which believes itself good.

An unintended evil stalks the land, gathering countless victims to itself as it extends its reach; an evil born of the noblest intentions gone horribly awry. After it claims his only remaining family, young Kelwyn vows to track it down and end it, no matter the personal cost.

With little more than hope and a promise, he sets out on a journey whose end lies shrouded in uncertainty. He knows he cannot win, but he will not, cannot stop. Before his journey is over, he will discover places he’s only heard of from rumor and legend, and face terrors from the past he once thought long gone. From mountain holds to arid deserts, his vow drives him inexorably toward the final confrontation to save his family.

But in the end, will the cost be too high?

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Jaben’s Rift (Far Land Trilogy #1) – Kindle

2022 Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards winner in Fantasy Novels.

Jason Bennett is in a world of trouble. But the worst part is…

It’s not even his world.

After being transported to Teleria, an extraordinary world of might and magic, Jason becomes the prize in a dangerous tug of war between the ruling Circle of Nine and one of his own ancestors from three hundred years in his past. Adding to his dilemma, his arrival also intensifies a conflict between two of the godlike Altered, one of whom is secretly aiding Jason’s ancestor, violating a Covenant that has kept Teleria safe from their influence for over a millennia.
Unable to return home, Jason must learn to use power he isn’t convinced he has, keep from triggering a devastating war between the Altered, and most of all…survive.

JABEN’S RIFT takes the reader on a journey of honor and deception, betrayal and self-sacrifice, as Jason tries to figure out who is telling him the truth and who only wants to use him, before Teleria’s fate is sealed forever.

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Broken Covenant (Far Land Trilogy #2) – Kindle

The battle at the Scorched Plains is over and the people of Teleria can finally begin the long process of healing. Life at Lore’s Haven is slowly beginning to return to normal. Jason Bennett is just glad that his part in Taleth’s prophecy is finally over……or so he thinks.

Unbeknownst to Jason and the Circle, the godlike Altered, led by Regor the Shadow Lord, have other plans. After a millennia of being considered nothing more than myth and legend by most of the inhabitants, the Altered have decided to set aside the Covenant and reclaim their place as rulers of Teleria. Nor has the Shadow Lord forgotten his encounter with Jason on the Scorched Plains. But now, with the Altered in agreement about the future of Teleria, Regor has a free hand to do as he pleases without interference.

Once again, Jason finds his life at risk as he and the Loremasters try to figure out how to defeat the most powerful beings on the planet. But as he tries to avoid being found by Regor, Jason will learn things that will have him questioning the actions of the Circle, Nyala, and even Lenai.

He is determined to find the answers….if he can just live long enough.

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Reborn (Far Land Trilogy #3) – Kindle

From a far land, Jaben shall come…

The Altered have withdrawn. With Nyala’s and Nivek’s support, Jason and the Circle appear to have the upper hand, at least for the moment. They know, however, that this is just the calm before the final storm. None of them have forgotten Nyala’s warning: They will face Regor again.

But now, an enemy they thought defeated has returned with unimaginable power, more determined than ever to destroy the Circle. In the face of this renewed threat, the Loremasters will have to rely on help from unlikely sources, and be tested in ways that will have them questioning the very tenets of their service to Teleria.In spite of the Circle and their Altered allies, the future of Teleria still lies squarely upon Jason Bennett’s shoulders.

It’s time for Taleth’s prophecy to be fulfilled, once and for all. Jason must find a way to become stronger than he ever thought possible. But in order to become what he must, he may have to sacrifice everything he is, and even that may not be enough.Dark clouds are gathering, and the final confrontation looms on the horizon.

The end game is about to begin, with the world of Teleria as the ultimate prize. Only one thing is certain: Teleria will never be the same again.

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Life 2.0 – Kindle

We’re all on a journey. How is yours going? Do you know where you’re headed? Are you even sure you know where you want to go?
Far too many of us start out on our journey heading the wrong direction without even knowing it, without even looking at a map. Then, when we’re miles down the road, we realize we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. But, even after this realization, we tell ourselves it’s too late; we’re too far into the journey to change course now. There’s no way to get from where we are now to where we want to be.
If you’re telling yourself that, stop! Right now. You can have the life you want. You can change the road you’re on. You can do this. You just need to believe, be aware, and be strong.
Every journey has three components: What? How? Why? What is your destination? How are you going to get there? Why do you want to go there? In Life 2.0, we examine those three questions as they apply to your life’s journey. Through some simple exercises and varying perspectives, you’ll learn how to answer those questions for your own journey. You’ll also learn how some of the answers you may have thought you already knew might not even be your own answers at all, but someone else’s.
If you’re not crazy about the direction you’re headed, or you’re not even sure which direction you should be going, then pull over into that rest stop up there, take a little time to browse through Life 2.0, and let’s see if we can figure it out together.
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