Make Today Matter

Time passes quickly.

In today’s world, the days go by faster and faster all the time. It seems like we barely have time to sit down before the next thing is demanding our attention. Bills, responsibilities, appointments, obligations, etc… All coming at us in a constant blur. Before we know it, years have gone by that we can never get back.


The message is simple:

Stop being so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Think about it.

Let’s take a random date in our future, say June 17, 2025.

You will only get one June 17, 2025.

Just one.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever, along with all of the opportunities that will come with it.

Now think back to a date in your past. Think about the opportunities you had on that day, a day that is now gone forever. Maybe one of them was a chance to play with your child, but you were too busy, or you just didn’t feel like it, and now your child isn’t a child anymore. Or perhaps it was an opportunity to tell someone that you cared, but you didn’t have the time, and now they’re not around anymore. Maybe it was the perfect moment to tell someone you were sorry, but your pride wouldn’t let you, or you were embarrassed, or you didn’t know how they would take it, and now that person is no longer a part of your life.

The point is, when we think of the word “opportunity” we usually think of business opportunities, or career opportunities. And while those things are fine and help us to make a better living for ourselves and the people we care about, those are not the important opportunities in our lives.

  • The opportunity to play with our child, or read them a story.
  • The opportunity to look someone in the eye and tell them you love them, or just give them a hug.
  • The opportunity to spend time with our parents before that precious time is gone.
  • The opportunity to laugh and enjoy life with those people who are most important to us.

These are the things that make our lives worth living. Don’t pass up another opportunity. Don’t wait to make a life full of happy memories, because you’re too busy taking care of “important” matters. Don’t say, “I’ll get to it someday.” It’s sad how often “someday” never seems to come. Make today “someday.” No amount of success, or riches, or fame can bring back yesterday. Don’t look back years from now wishing you had done it differently.

  • Hug your children. Play with them. Tell them you love them every single day. They’re only children once, and someday all they’ll have left of you will be the memories you made with them. Make them good ones.
  • Tell your parents you love them every time you can. Spend some time with them. They won’t always be there for you to tell them later.
  • Forgive someone who hurt you. Don’t let one careless remark or hurt feeling destroy a lifelong friendship.
  • Tell someone you hurt that you’re sorry. Don’t let pride or a feeling of awkwardness stand between you and someone important to you.

Time slips away faster than we know.

Make a life full of the little moments that you can look back on and remember with a smile. Stop worrying so much about making a living that it keeps you from making a life. You can’t get back the opportunities that you’ve already missed, but you can make a decision, starting right now, to not miss any more.

If none of this applies to you, then I am happy for you and wish you a life full of happy memories and amazing opportunities.

If any of it does apply…

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Make today matter.

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