Daydream Believer

daydreamerThe best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. – Paul Valéry

Do you daydream about one day being right where you want to be? Someday having that perfect job, writing an award winning book, or living the life that you’ve always wanted? I know I do.

There’s nothing wrong with visualizing ourselves doing or having what we’ve always wanted. Picturing ourselves living the life we want can be a great motivational tool. The problem comes when we spend all of our time dreaming about it, and none of our time trying to make it happen. At that point, daydreaming becomes just about as effective as night dreaming.

Think about it. At night, you lie down in bed, and you have dreams of going places and doing things, maybe fun things, maybe not so fun things, but when you wake up, you’re in the exact same place you started: in your bed.

It’s like that too if we spend all of our time wishing and dreaming about where we want to be instead of taking steps to make it happen. We spend hour after hour imagining what our life would be, could be, should be like, but when we snap out of it and look around, we’re right where we started, no closer to reaching our goals than when we started daydreaming about them.

Let’s face it, daydreams are fun, and they take no effort at all. Unfortunately, real life isn’t like that. If you want to reach your goals, you have to put some effort (sometimes some really hard work) into it.

Remember: No matter what you do in dreams, it doesn’t change your real life, but what you do in real life can help you achieve your dreams.

You can make it happen.

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